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This month’s Shop of the Month is LititzCarriageHouse, owned by Ruth Ann. 



What is the meaning behind your shop name?

Right around the time I was working on opening my Etsy vintage shop back in 2011, I was in the process of a second small business venture. This was converting the carriage house on our property from a monthly rental into a guest house as a vacation rental through Homeaway and Airbnb. The name I chose for the guest house was The Lititz Carriage House. Lititz is the small town we live in, which actually won the award for coolest small town in the USA. I decided to call my Etsy shop lititzcarriagehouse as well, hoping as people did a search to find The Lititz Carriage house, my vacation rental, it would bring up my Etsy shop, which it did. So it was a very pragmatic move if I am honest!

How did I get a start selling vintage?

I had a friend from the midwest who had an Etsy shop come visit. She encouraged me to open a vintage shop because of all the vintage and antiques she saw available in our east coast state of Pennsylvania. My neighbor was also an avid vintage picker and she introduced me to the thrill of the search and the find!

What is your favorite item in your shop right now?

My favorite item in my shop right now is this antique tobacco lath shelf. It was used to measure and sort tobacco leaves in the past and now makes a very nifty knick knack display shelf. Our county of Lancaster, PA is known for its fertile farms and we grew a lot of tobacco in the past. This shelf is an antique which I love and appreciate. It is very unusual and unique as well as being part of our local history.


Antique Tobacco Lath Shelf



What is the most unusual or amazing item you have sold from your shop?

One of my most unusual and amazing was this corbel of a woman’s face made of a type of resin plaster. Certainly a one of a kind!


The social media I use is Lititz Carriage house Facebook.


About Mary - PassedBy

I have always enjoyed finding and using vintage items in my home, and am especially fond of vintage linens with embroidery or handwork details. I collect a wide variety of vintage goods including classroom memorabilia and toys. As a seller, I try to follow the advice - buy what you love. This makes it so much easier to create an online shop with vintage items I would gladly use in my own home.

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