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I’ve been collecting depression glass from the 1930’s for several years now. I’m not really locked in to any particular pattern, just pink. Early on I noticed how the pinks seem to blend together even from different manufacturers. They’re not just pink either, most are a sort of a peachy color and seem to coordinate with reddish, orangish and brownish tones. Mix and match is a fabulous look.


I love how the pieces dress up a holiday table and make them seem even more festive. Try using dinner plates or serving platters for appetizer trays and cookies.


Teacups and saucers are great with ice cream or pudding, or even soup and dips instead of tea or coffee. Vintage glassware will have a new lease on life and your guests will love it.


Bowls and teacups look amazing with floating candles and can add atmosphere to a tablescape or just a dark corner.


Eighty years ago depression glass was distributed free in boxes of detergent or flour. Sometimes they were given away to people attending a movie. My, how times have changed. I’m glad there’s a new appreciation for these wonderful pieces.

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8 thoughts on “Everyday Uses for Vintage Depression Glass

  • Lea

    Great article and such pretty pictures too (made me hungry for fresh cherries). I have always been attracted to depression glass and love pink and green. Love your idea on the floating candle!

  • Loretta of MoonstruckCottage

    Beautiful photos, Diane! Depression glass was one of the first things that I collected — many years ago! I use my pieces often, especially on holidays. My sister has a complete set (service for 12 and all the serving pieces) of the Poinsettia pattern in pink. She collected it piece by piece over the years. It looks so pretty in her china cabinet.

  • Mary

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pics of pink Depression in action! I love pink glass too and have collected two patterns (Queen Mary and Tearoom) over the years. I notice Etsy is calling “blush” glassware a new trend in some of its emails so maybe it will rise again!

  • Tina Hascall

    Such lovely pictures! I have a collection of pink depression glass too. I like to use the footed dessert cups as candle holders on Thanksgiving. I fill each one with fresh cranberries and a tea light candle. My mom collects green and pink. She always uses depression glass to set the table on Easter morning. The colors look so pretty together and are perfect for Spring.