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Christmas decorations can sometimes be edited and used as winter décor to spruce up your home. Take away the obviously Christmas and save the evergreens as a base. In my case I replaced my little Christmas tree with the antique Finnish sled you see here. Then I added the antique handmade Norwegian sweater, vintage skates, a tad of evergreen and my homemade Tomten. Even the original painting is a vintage find. The wood candle holders were made in the 80’s by my husband from 200-year-old cottonwood trees growing on a farm canal not far from my house. They are especially dear to me because many of the cottonwoods are no longer there. I used to use real candle tea lites in them. Now I use the battery operated ones. The Hardanger embroidery is another Norwegian piece. Quite hard to find, I might add. The Ponderosa pinecones were also collected close to home. TIP – collect your pinecones in the Spring. That’s when they are newly dropped from the trees.

Think Winter and then think cozy and warm when trying to come up with items you can incorporate into your Winter décor.

THINK:  Sleds – Skiis – Skates – Snowshoes – Shovels – Ice Fishing

THINK:  Wool Throws – Red Long Johns – Black and Red Plaid Wool Coats – Vintage Children’s Clothing – Boots – Wool Hats – Scarves and Mittens

THINK:  Fun Winter Figurines – Winter Art Scenes and Postcards – Pine or Deer Accented China – Wood Baskets

Here are just a few vintage items currently available from the Vestiesteam.


Written by: Muriel, NorScott


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