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This month’s Shop of the Month is Redcurlz, owned by Janie. 

What is the meaning behind your shop name?

I grew up with flaming curly red hair and although it is a much more faded version now, I still identify with the original colour. It got me in and out of many scrapes over the years. My daughter says it represents my fiery passion for the artsy side of life, so, when a friend suggested the name Redcurlzs for my shop, I jumped on it.


How did you get your start selling vintage?

Timing is everything! I met up with my high school best friend after not having seen her for many years. She was closing up her vintage shop and asked me if I would like to pick out some of the sewing patterns she had collected before she got rid of them. That collection turned out to be over 600 spectacular patterns! I picked out a few but then couldn’t sleep until I finally just made an offer and became their new proud owner. It took me almost a year to realize I could part with some and happily fell upon Etsy. It’s a great match for me because I have always been interested in arts, fashion and vintage. I have found a great deal of joy being part of the Etsy community – collaborating and building relationships with colleagues and customers.


What is your favorite item in your shop right now, and what makes it special to you?

My favourite items are the vintage sewing patterns that have illustrations on the envelopes. As an avid sewer and fashionista it’s hard to pick just one pattern because every era, brand, and style is special to me. Each illustration tells a story about the time whether it’s the glamour of the 1930s.

1930’s Cape Pattern

..the utilitarian style of the early 1940s

1940s Two Piece Suit Pattern

..the fit and flared dresses inspired by Christian Dior’s “New Look”

1950s Dress Pattern


..the Mod 1960s

1960s Kimono Dress Pattern

or the Boho of the 1970s

1970s Sewing Pattern

I see the beauty in even the simplest or most modern patterns and they never fail to inspire me to make my own creations.



What is the most unusual or amazing item you have sold from your shop?

Recently I sold a men’s vintage blazer to a major theater in Toronto. I often go to plays and am excited by the possibility of seeing my blazer on stage!


One of the most special patterns that I sold was a 1950s Pierre Cardin cocktail dress. There were some stunning details in the design and the illustration on the envelope is beautiful. I’m really hoping the person who bought it will send me a picture of the completed dress.


What social media platforms do you use? Share your links with us, so we can follow you!
One of my goals is to get started on a blog so hopefully you will, in the near future, see some activity at

In the meantime, I am social at and most recently

About Mary - PassedBy

I have always enjoyed finding and using vintage items in my home, and am especially fond of vintage linens with embroidery or handwork details. I collect a wide variety of vintage goods including classroom memorabilia and toys. As a seller, I try to follow the advice - buy what you love. This makes it so much easier to create an online shop with vintage items I would gladly use in my own home.

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5 thoughts on “Shop of the Month- Redcurlz

  • Terri

    Janie! Awesome interview. I have always loved you and your shop! Hope you continue to love what you do and share your amazing finds with others. If you ever make it south of the border, look me up, patterns are still around fifty cents here. 🙂

    Hugs to you! Always. xo

  • Susan Fischer

    As someone who sewed all my early married life for myself and my daughters, I love browsing your shop and often see patterns that I know I had and used during the 60s. It’s like a walk down memory lane for me. Great shop, Janie!!

  • Pam

    Great shop with a huge selection! Love all the patterns featuring the fashion designs through the years. Enjoyed your interview and browsing your fabulous shop!

  • Mrs. A.

    Janie, I love your shop! I recognize some of the vintage patterns you have listed. :o) They take me back to a time when grandma was sewing clothes for me to wear to school. Your interview is wonderful. I liked hearing your shop story.

  • Loretta of MoonstruckCottage

    Fun getting to know more about you, Janie! Your shop and your patterns are wonderful! I sewed many of my own clothes when I was in high school but didn’t keep it up and wouldn’t even know where to begin all these years later! From one curly gal to another — best wishes!