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This month’s Shop of the Month is Bungalow222, owned by Lindsay. 


What is the meaning behind your shop name?

I started out selling as vintagegirlny years ago. When I opened my vintage home goods shop I came up with vintagegirlhome to keep my shops similar. This past winter my boyfriend and I bought our first place together a small bungalow in a coastal town in Florida. The address was 222. After that we began to see that number everywhere from the clock, addresses , mile markers, etc.. We did research and saw that it basically means your life is on track in a positive direction. After that we ended up getting the original bungalow house we wanted next block over address 221 ! Everything seemed to be moving in a positive direction and I had wanted to change my shop name for a while. Bungalow222 just seemed perfect!

How did you get your start selling vintage?

My mother was always a collector and when we were kids in the early 80s my parents would pack up a truck full of stuff , 3 kids and camper and we would go sell at antique shows for the weekends. We grew up doing this so its always been around me. It wasn’t until later that I appreciated it though. When my daughter was born in 2000 I began selling and dealing vintage clothing mostly and started vintagegirlny. I was able to stay home with her and it just worked out great. So I had been doing that for years as fashion was my thing back then. Now owning homes and being older the passion has evolved into home décor. I still have the other shop but my heart is in the home decorating!
now my daughter is almost 17 loves the vintage clothing and is selling my vintage fashions! lol

What is your favorite item in your shop right now, and what makes it special to you?

Oh gosh LOL, if you search my shop by highest price you’ll see my favorites!! Right now my favorite is probably this little mid-century modern teak dachshund! He’s a Japanese royal pet and cute as can be with leather ears!
I love all dogs , always have! Growing up I collected dog figurines of every kind.
I have always wanted a little dachshund but I’ve never had one. We always had big dogs. I lost both of mine a year ago. This guy has been in my collection for several years. Sometimes I go on cleaning sprees and list a bunch of my personal collection stuff.. but I don’t really want to sell him. LOL…

What is the most unusual or amazing item you have sold from your shop?

I’ve sold some pretty amazing things over the years. But this shop is rather new. I would say the mid-century enamel heart bowl set was my favorite!…

What social media platforms do you use?


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I have always enjoyed finding and using vintage items in my home, and am especially fond of vintage linens with embroidery or handwork details. I collect a wide variety of vintage goods including classroom memorabilia and toys. As a seller, I try to follow the advice - buy what you love. This makes it so much easier to create an online shop with vintage items I would gladly use in my own home.

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